The Library Commission has a total of 10 voting members. The membership has the following structure. There are also two non-voting student liaisons.

Number of Members Seat Type Appointed / Elected By Term Years
4 Library Commissioner City Council with Mayor Presiding 3
4 Library Trustee Fletcher Free Library Trustees 3
1 Library Staff Commissioner Fletcher Free Library Staff 1
1 Mayoral Designee Mayor 3


The Commission includes:

Members Seat Term Start Term End
Sally Blanchard-O'Brien Library Commissioner 09/13/2021 06/30/2025
Emily Copeland Library Commissioner  07/01/2024 06/30/2027
Patrick Halladay Library Commissioner 07/01/2024 06/30/2027
Amy Mellencamp Library Commissioner, Chair 07/01/2024 06/30/2027
Samantha Donalds Library Trustee 01/27/2024 06/30/2027
Chol Dhoor Library Trustee 07/01/2019 06/30/2025
Cate MacLachlan Library Trustee 07/01/2023 06/30/2026
Mona Tolba Library Trustee 07/01/2019 06/30/2025
Melissa Hutson Library Staff Commissioner 11/01/2023 06/30/2024
  Mayoral Designee 07/01/2024  
Grace Maley Student Liaison 07/01/2023 06/30/2025
Sam Doherty Student Liaison 07/01/2024 06/30/2025


The Library Commission meets on the third Wednesday of every other month at 7:45 am. The public is invited to attend.

Next meetings:

The Library Commission will meet at the NNE Branch Library on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 7:45 am. The following meeting will take place at the Main Library on Wednesday, September 18, 2024, at 7:45 am.


Burlington Code of Ordinances

Chapter 21, Article 1, Paragraph 43 (Fletcher Free Library)


The Library will be closed on Thursday, July 4 for Independence Day.