Introducing Fletcher Free Library's Makerbot Replicator+

We're so happy to bring you 3D printing! Our printer was made possible by grants from VASE (Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering) and Google.


Get started!

1. Design on your own or by signing up for a personal account on Tinkercad.

2. Submit your design for printing.

3. Wait for an email from us telling you when your project will print.

4. Pick up your project at the Help Desk at the Main Library.

Let us know what you thought about your 3D printing experience by emailing us at or online


How big can I print?

The maximum build size on our MakerBot Replicator+ is 11.6 x 7.6 x 6.5 inches. 

Please be aware that the library is limited to print jobs that are 5 hours or under. When you submit your print job, we'll run it through the Makerbot software to get a time estimate. If the print job is too large or will take too long, staff will communicate and work with you to see if there's a way we can accommodate your project. 


What material do you use for printing?

Currently, we are only able to print using PLA. You can find out more about the PLA we use on the Makerbot website


How much does it cost?

0-1/2 hour of print time is free. Anything beyond is $1.00 for each half hour. We will round up to the nearest 15 minutes.

                  Ex: Your print job will take 50 minutes to print. Your cost is $1.00. 

We use Makerbot's time estimate to figure our costs. When you submit your print job to us, we'll send you an email back with the cost, color, and the date your print job will be completed. If we need to delay printing, or there are changes, we will communicate with you through email. 


I don't want anyone to see my print. Can I still print through the library?

Please keep in mind that while we won't take publicity photos of your project without your consent, our printer is located in the Library's Main Reading Room and the actual printing process may be viewed by other patrons.


Can you show me some examples of what I can print at the library?

You can see some examples of our prints at the top of this page or view our YouTube channel to watch prints being made. We have put together a Pinterest board for more ideas for what you can print. We also suggest browsing Thingiverse and Tinkercad.


Where can I ask a question that's not answered here?

We're happy to answer any questions you have about 3D printing at FFL! You can email us at 

3D printing resources

For basic "how to's", you can watch our YouTube video, 3D printing and Tinkercad 101 at FFL.

Looking for inspiration? We've saved some great ideas on our 3D print Pinterest board!*

Tinkercad Starters, Lessons, and Projects 

Makerbot Thingverse*

*Please be aware that the projects you find on Tinkercad and Thingverse are submitted by the public. If you have concerns about whether or not these websites are appropriate for a young person, we recommend reviewing the website first. 


The following are other Third Party websites which we have either used or other libraries use. Please be aware that these apps and programs are all "use at your own risk".