Fletcher Free Youth Staff will have a table outside near the front steps of the Library to connect with kids and families (weather permitting). 



FFL Kids Open Air Hours:

Saturdays: 10:30am-12:30pm

Wednesdays: 1 pm-3 pm. 




Chat with a Librarian! We'd love to hear all about your summer reading and activities! We can also recommend some just-right books for you. 

Choose a Mystery Bag! Each themed bag contains 5 kids' books. No bag limit. Take a chance-who knows what you'll discover! 

Grab Summer Challenge Materials! Sign up for the summer challenge, get copies of our weekly scavenger hunts, math challenges and fun coloring pages.


Staff will be assisting with book recommendations, gathering books  & checking them out.

For more information on services for kids, head to fletcherfree.org/kids




We are now partially open. Click here for info.

The library will be closed Monday, Aug. 17 for Bennington Battle Day