Summer Environmental Book Club: Turning Over a New Leaf          A Future Is In Our Hands program

Insect Crisis by Oliver Milman explores the global collapse of insect populations from monarchs and bees to moths and beetles.  The decline of these insects threatens the very future of our planet and this book examines the causes, threats and solutions to this pressing crisis. 

This book club session is co-facilitated by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department's Private Lands Habitat Biologist, Andrea Shortsleeve. 

Please register with Barbara Shatara at bshatara@burlingtonvt.gov for meeting info and how to obtain the book. 

About the Facilitator:

Andrea is a Private Lands Habitat Biologist for the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife. Her work brings her all over the state to talk to landowners about wildlife habitat, forest conservation, and developing a land ethic. In her free time, Andrea likes to be outside, enjoying what each Vermont season has to offer and discovering new native plants to add to her yard.


More About the Book:

A devastating examination of how collapsing insect populations worldwide threaten everything from wild birds to the food on our plate.

From ants scurrying under leaf litter to bees able to fly higher than Mount Kilimanjaro, insects are everywhere. Three out of every four of our planet’s known animal species are insects. In The Insect Crisis, acclaimed journalist Oliver Milman dives into the torrent of recent evidence that suggests this kaleidoscopic group of creatures is suffering the greatest existential crisis in its remarkable 400-million-year history. What is causing the collapse of the insect world?  Why does this alarming decline pose such a threat to us? And what can be done to stem the loss of the miniature empires that hold aloft life as we know it?

Thank you to our Sponsor, Mascoma Bank and to our Partner, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

July 18, 2023 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm