Chris Neuhardt

New art work by Christine Neuhardt.  A Reflection of Women: Abstract Works 

Mixed mediums of acrylics, watercolors, and glass.  Vermont scenes and abstract work. 

Christine Neuhardt is a Vermont artist.  Chris has been creating artwork for over 40 years. Art is one of her many joys and passions.  She works in a variety of mediums:  Acrylics, Oils Watercolors, Glass Wall Mosaics, Mosaic Sculpture, Beaded Mosaics, and Clay. Her love of Vermont is reflected in her painting of sunset.  Her works also reflects the many faces and emotions of women.  Her paintings move from the real to the surreal. She presently teaches Graphic Design at CCV in Vermont.  Her love of family and Vermont has made Vermont her permanent home.    All art is for sale. 

Ken Howell

Works in collage and acrylic.

Artist Statement:
My work is about the process of its own making. Initially, I use chance and immediacy to fill the canvas. I impulsively paint, and paste images, in a process of pure exploration. Working quickly with collage drastically shifts both the meaning and formal properties of the image in unexpected ways. I preserve the history of that process even as I add and subtract elements. In the end, the piece is an artifact, a recursive documentary of the activity that created it. Sometimes meaningful, sometimes nonsense, my goal is to create a liminal space between seeing and recognition in which the viewer can complete the meaning through interpretation.

November 8, 2023 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm