Summer Challenge 2020: Imagine Your Story

How does it work?

Registration begins June 15th and continues through August 21st.


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Burlington high school students:

There is no assigned reading for the summer. For great book suggestions, check the "Books" section of our Boredom Busters page, or search the library catalog.

Required summer reading for Burlington middle school students:

Edmunds rising 6th, 7th & 8th graders:

Read & Write!

  • Read a book, then write to your teacher using the provided stationery and stamped envelope.
  • Visit the EMS Library website for more reading resources.


Hunt rising 6th graders:

Read & Write!

  • Free books will be distributed in August, courtesy of Hunt Middle School
  • Write to your teacher on the enclosed stamped postcard
  • Join the Hunt Middle School Library reading community through Google Classroom

Hunt Middle School Library Remote Learning Page:

Hunt rising 7th & 8th graders:

Read two books (at your level) of your choice.

Helpful Links:

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Summer Badge Challenge

We are now partially open. Click here for info.