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Charges for Obituaries
from the Burlington Free Press

We have the Burlington Free Press on microfilm from April 1848 until the present and will send a print from the microfilm.

Please note:

  • Provide the individual's first and last name, and the day, month & year of death.  Town of last residence is helpful as well.
  • If the date of death is not known, we cannot do the search.  You may contact the Vermont Vital Records office to have a search done for a death record, which will have the date of death on it.  There is a fee for this service:
  • Fees are to be paid in advance and are non-refundable, even if the search does not result in locating an obituary.  If we are not successful in locating an obituary or death notice, we will document this for you.

For date of death between April, 1848 and January 1, 1871:

  • The Burlington Free Press lists death notices within this date range in index form.  We do not charge for checking the index to see if a name is listed.  If the name is listed in the index, the charge is $2.00 for a copy of the obituary.
  • Please note that often these obituaries are simply notices that say: "Died.  John Smith, age 72, Aug. 28, 1862" and do not give any other information.

For date of death between January 1, 1871 and January 1, 1939:

  • Select obituaries appeared in an "Obituary" section of the paper, but death notices or reports of funerals were often included in each town's news section.  For death dates within this range, please provide the name of the Vermont town where the person died in addition to the first and last names of the individual, and the day, month, and year of death.
  • We will check seven days of newspapers, starting with the day after the person's death.
  • The charge is $5.00, non-refundable, paid in advance for each name.

For date of death after January 1, 1939:

  • The charge is $2.00, non-refundable, paid in advance for each name.

Please make check payable to Fletcher Free Library and send or deliver to:

Reference Department

Fletcher Free Library

235 College Street

Burlington, VT  05401



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