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Welcome to the Fletcher Free Library Computer Center!

A Little History
Since the 1990's, we have been building one of Burlington’s finest free public computer centers.  With donations and help from IBM of Essex Junction, the Freeman Foundation, CyberSkillsVT and Team Tech, we now have 14 public computer stations.  All computers have fast access to the Internet and are equipped with Word and Excel 2010.

Come Visit!
The Computer Center is a busy place, but noticeably quiet.  We currently serve about 4,000 computer-users per month and have reference librarians and lab monitors helping patrons throughout the day.  We have recently installed a self-service print payment device to pair with our self-reservation software program, PC Reservation, allowing patrons to sign up for computer use and pay for printing on their own.

Using the barcode on a Fletcher Free Library Card or a Computer User Card, patrons are allowed to sign on to the computers two times per day with a time limit of 30 minutes each time.  Visitors are signed in by staff as guests.  The Computer User Card is designed for those who do not live in Burlington but would like to use the Computer Center.  This is a free card and can be obtained at the circulation desk with proper identification.  The Computer User Card does not allow patrons to check out Library materials. Click here to learn about obtaining a Library Card.  See other Computer Center rules below.

Here to Help
Providing help to new users has been a trademark with us.  Staff is frequently stretched thin, but if we have time we can help set up free web-based e-mail accounts, search for information, log into subscription based magazine and newspaper databases, and troubleshoot technical issues.

For self-directed learning, investigate the many classes available through the Library's subscription to Universal ClassClick here for a list of other Computer Learning Resources in the Greater Burlington Area and on-line.

The Fletcher Free Library now subscribes to this very popular genealogy resource, bringing the world’s most popular consumer online genealogy resource,, to the Library.  It’s an unprecedented online collection of information about individuals from more than 7,000 available databases that store billions of records.

Note: Due to licensing restrictions, Ancestry® Library Edition
is not available on the Internet from outside the Library--
you will need to come to the Library's Computer Center
to use this valuable resource.
Call the Fletcher Free Library Reference Desk at 865-7217 for more information.

Computer Workshops
Our popular computer classes will be offered again in the Fall of 2016.  Free!  Pre-registration is required: Sign up at the Reference Desk (865.7217) starting Friday, August 12.

Introduction to Windows
An overview of the operating system environment used by all
Microsoft Windows software programs (Word, Internet Explorer, etc.).
Open software, use the mouse, keyboard, and Window components.

Saturday, September 10

Learn useful skills in customizing your iPhone and getting the most out of its features and apps.  Topics will include basic features and settings, using and managing your apps, directions, photos, Siri, etc.  Participants must have an ITunes account and know their password.

Monday, November 7
3-4:30 pm

Intro to FaceBook for Seniors (50+)
Learn how to use this valuable social networking tool to stay in touch with friends and family. Prerequisites: Must be comfortable using the keyboard and mouse and have a working email address.

October 17 & December 5
3-4:30 pm

Intro to Word
Get acquainted with the basic elements of the Word window: toolbars, menus, and icons.  Copy and paste text and pictures; format text, paragraphs and pictures.

Sept. 17 & November 19

Intermediate Word
Learn more advanced Word features and tips to customize letters, resumes
greeting cards and flyers.

Oct. 15 & December 17

Intro to Excel
Learn to use an electronic spreadsheet: Columns, rows, cells, enter data, and create basic formulas.

Sept. 24 & November 5

Intermediate Excel
Learn formula entry, on screen and printed page formatting, freeze pane, and simple plotting as you create a loan payment schedule.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Excel or spreadsheet familiarity.

Oct. 1 & November 12

Introduction to PowerPoint
Get acquainted with the basics of creating a simple PowerPoint presentation-- choosing slide types; using templates; adding text, charts, clip art, photos, footers and animation; printing handouts.  Participation in the Introduction to Microsoft Word workshop (or equivalent experience) required.

Oct. 29 & December 10

Digital Photo Basics
Learn how to import photos from your digital camera or smart phone to your computer, and use Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit photos, make a panorama and create a "best of" image choosing faces from separate photos. Prerequisite: Intro to Microsoft Windows or equivalent experience.

Oct. 22 & December 3

Please read our Computer Workshop Policy Statement:

Because there is limited availability in each class, the following rules apply to all computer classes at the Fletcher Free Library:

  1. A patron is only allowed to repeat the same class 2 times within two years.  After 2 times a patron may only repeat the class at the discretion of the instructor.

  2. A patron must call the Library if they are unable to attend a class they signed up for.  If a patron misses 2 or more classes within a year they will not be permitted to take future classes without instructor approval.  If a patron calls and cancels their participation in a class it is not counted as a missed class.

  3. If, in the opinion of the instructor, a class participant's behavior in the class is detrimental to the learning environment they will not be permitted to take future classes and may be asked to leave the classroom.  This behavior may include, but is not limited to, the following: Asking inappropriate questions that are unrelated to the subject matter, taking up an inordinate amount of the instructor's time, or acting in an aggressive or hostile manner to class participants or to the instructor.

Adopted by the Library Board of Commissioners, April 11, 2007 to be put in effect September 2007.

Fletcher Free Library Computer Center Rules:

As a courtesy to your fellow computer users, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

  • All Computer Center users must read and comply with our Internet Use Policy.
  • Signing up with a barcode that belongs to another user will result in permanent loss of Library computer privileges.  Refusal to show id or give your name upon request will result in immediate termination of your computer session.
  • The Computer Center is for adults and youth in High School.  Computers in the Youth Library are available for youth in 8th grade or younger.
  • You are allowed to sign on to a computer twice a day for a maximum of 30 minutes each time you sign on.
  • Absolutely no food allowed in the library.
  • Portable music devices (walkmans, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Cellular phone use is not permitted in the Computer Center.
  • A maximum of two (2) people per computer station.
  • Printing costs are 15¢ per page.
  • No viewing or downloading obscene material.
  • No unauthorized entry into another computer or introduction of viruses into any system via the Internet.
  • Damage to library equipment, data or software, disruptive behavior or failure to follow these rules will result in suspension of computer privileges.

Click Here to see our Internet Use Policy

Click Here to see our Wi-Fi Internet Access Agreement



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