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Guidelines For Book Donations

The Friends of the Fletcher Free Library are very appreciative of book donations to help benefit many of the Library’s programs.  We will be happy to accept your donations of all books of good value and condition, except the following:

  • Textbooks

  • Magazines

  • Audio Cassettes & VHS Tapes

  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries

  • Multi-volume sets (for example, Time-Life, National Geographic)

  • Business, technical or computer books more than 10 years old

  • Romance paperbacks

  • Any abridged books (for example, Reader's Digest Condensed Books)

  • Moldy, musty or smoky books

  • Books with underlining or highlighting

  • Books with torn pages, covers and bindings

Please note Library's Gift Policy:
"The Fletcher Free Library accepts gifts of materials and funds providing the conditions of acceptance shall not place undue restrictions on the Library and providing the Library has the right to use and/or dispose of such gifts as it may deem advisable.  Respect for the wishes of the donor will be accorded to the greatest degree possible."

If you wish that your donated books be added to the Library's collection,
please inform us before donating.

Before bringing more than twenty books to the Library, or to find out more about donations, please contact the Friends by email:

Thank you for your generosity, cooperation and support!


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